Eight Variations on Norwegian Wood

10-meg zip file

As a challenge for the composers at UCSC, we had a call for variations on one of my favorite melodies. We ended up with eight submissions from faculty and students alike. This evening we just had a game to see if anyone could match the variation with the composer.

These ones are pre-matched.


  1. .c says:

    Sym, there are some crazy good variations in here. (I just got a chance to listen to it, only a month and a half late! Sorry!) Yours is tasty and delicious. It’s like a wafflecone full of coffee ice cream that’s been dipped in chocolate, then microwaved so it’s syrupy delicious, then refrozen (with wafflecone-y chips in tact) and deep fried, and placed on top of bread pudding, then drizzled with caramel. So nice.

    I also really like the Carson/Nauert one. That one is tasty, but in a different way.

    Keep ’em comin’.

  2. Simon says:


    Glad you like it. That was a really fun game too. I was kinda bummed that I knew most of the answers when we played it, because I’m playing bass on Joel’s and I helped Becca get the vocoder running on hers.

    We should do some variations with “the cult”.

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