Algorithmic Composition:

Here’s my first real “piece” made programming in LISP


Here are the rules of note society:
– A note lives for 20 repetitions
– It begins life with a volume of 127, and decreases by 6 each repetition
– If two notes happen at the same time they will breed if their durations are different
– A new baby note has a pitch based on the addition or difference tones of its parents

2 thoughts on “Algorithmic Composition:

  1. Hey Simon, fancy stuff you got here. I was pretty impressed by this piece. It seems interestingly composed while still feeling spontaneous and semi-random. I really like the idea of notes having children. . . I think it would be great to have a piece like this accompany a flash animation of a similarly random exponential design. Check out for some of this type of stuff. I also really dug がいきょく, I thought the composition was very witty and engaging, and had some good interaction, good brass writing, some nice voicings, and perhaps a programmatic exposition. Cool! Composers For The Win.

    -P.S., what does がいきょく mean? 🙂

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