Apologies for not saying so before, but I’m on a brief hiatus while out of the country. Currently I’m working on a large scale choral work for my master’s recital on February 24th, 2007.

Also, I’ve been studying shamisen again with my teacher in Japan, and I’ll appear with him on a few tracks on his upcoming album [yet to be named].

Hopefully I’ll be back in action by the middle of September.

3 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. OMG that would be so sweet.

    But there are a bunch of different Northeastern folk-songs, not just Tsugaru ones, so I don’t think that idea would fly. I’ll suggest it though…

  2. Okay, okay. Good point.

    “Sexy ‘Staches.”

    Album art is a hi-res photo close-up of your teacher’s mustacheal area.

    Inside is a manga version of him cussing like an injured sailor with Turet’s.

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