Shamisen in the Studio


Today’s recording session was an experience.

The day started at 4:45. I got up, showered, and drove down to Towa. After a convenience-store breakfast, the Towa shamisen players and I loaded up a small bus and headed to iBC studios in Morioka.

We got in the building at 7AM, set-up, had our pictures taken, and started recording at 8:45. As luck would have it, we recorded the three tracks I was playing on first, so I was done by 10:30.

There are 20 shamisen players, not including our teacher, two shakuhachi players, four female singers and two male singers. While not singing the singers traded off playing the taiko and bell.

Jonkara Bushi was all 20 shamiseners, while Aiya Bushi and Tanto Bushi were 10 apiece.

After a “bento” lunch, I took a nap for an hour and a half, so I’m not sure how many tracks have been laid, but rumor has it there were 15 done between 8:45 and 4:30.

All the while, my teacher has been playing on a sprained wrist…

Of course afterwards there was the obligatory drinking party.

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