Sound Horizons

Now that I’m back in California, the new-music scene is right at my fingertips.

My piece Tonbo for “mixed octet” (flute, alto sax, harp, piano, violin, cello, bass, and percussion) has been accepted for the SOUND HORIZONS VIII competition, so on October 8th, 7PM, at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz’s contemporary music group, New Music Works, will perform a reading of it.

The best part being that the concert will be recorded and so all composers in the show get a CD of a professional reading of their pieces.

Check back here after the 8th for the mp3.

4 thoughts on “Sound Horizons

  1. Thanks, man.

    I just ran into the bassist (not coincidentally my bass-teacher), and he was saying he needed 6-fingers if I wanted him to play his part at tempo.

    I told him to quit whining.

  2. BAM!

    You totally mushroom stamped your bass teacher. Right on dude.

    If humans can play that Ligety harpsichord thing, your dude can play the bass part.

    Maybe he needs to be stamped again?

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