interaction in the subatomic world

interaction in the subatomic world is the piece that I wrote for my final composition seminar here at UCSC. We had a few whirlwind rehearsals last week and performed the piece in the ensemble rehearsal room this afternoon.

I think I shocked the sound-guy a bit, and so he gradually turns down the levels… so the recording suffers a bit from that, but otherwise it was a very nice reading!

Thanks to my performers:

Jesse Berkowitz, electric guitar
Joel Ford, alto saxophone
Edward Garcia, percussion
Sarah Morris, flute
John Shebalin, percussion
Rebecca Stuhlbarg, conductor

4 thoughts on “interaction in the subatomic world

  1. Sym, I’m listening to this piece now, I think for the first time… It’s SUPER nice, dude. I really like the part at the top of page four where the flute and sax are kinda just being cool together. And then that guitar ostinato starting on page five is dope, too. I started putting pen to paper to come up with some ideas for the score, and if/when I have access to a scanner I’ll try to send you something. I spent a couple hours today at the Pittsburgh public library looking at Crumb scores, and also found a *totally* dope Stockhausen score.

    This piece (and the recording!) are seriously excellent. Really smart, really smooth, the vocabulary all fits so nicely together and makes perfect sense in the universe you created in this piece. Trust me, I’m thinking hard about how to make those ideas come to life on paper, too.

  2. I am looking for my long lost friend John Shebalin. I tried looking him up on the internet and this is the closest I have come to actually finding him. I know he went to UCSC and is an amazing drummer! If you know how I might be able to get in touch with him, please contact me. Thanks!

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