Korea, Japan, California Collaboration Concerts

‘5色燦爛’ (the harmony)

This month we are organizing all of the dates for our Japan-Korea tour in March. Traditional pieces, as well as pieces by me, Daniel Brown, and Young-Shin Choi will be performed by flautist Sarah Morris, and Korean performers Won-Hui Jang and Yu-Sun Kim, and the composers themselves.

Hopefully these concerts and their cross-cultural pieces can be part of a friendly international dialog for our three insular countries.

Our Tokyo concert is still very tentative, but the concerts in Kitakami and Seoul have been confirmed.

2 thoughts on “Korea, Japan, California Collaboration Concerts

  1. Dude, it sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy, and that’s awesome. I think you should add “Chicago” to “Korea, Japan, California.” It’s the only warm, sunny, and sausage-filled Pacific Rim site you failed to mention.

  2. Thanks!

    I think our budget is a little tapped out to get to Chicago this time, but set up a concert for the next year and I’m there!

    After our Pac-Rim tour we should do a Lake-Michigan-Rim tour.

    BTW, the Tokyo concert seems to be materializing. More details on that in the upcoming weeks.

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