Puppetbox: New CD

My friends, Puppetbox have come out with a new disc!

This has nothing to do with my music save for the fact that two of the three members of the band are alumni of the same band I am, Mrs. SKAnnotto

Anyway, the new disc is synthy, poppy, and a whole lot of fun. I recommend it. You can check out some of the tunes on CD baby, and soon it’ll be up on iTunes too.

PUPPETBOX: Puppetbox

check them out

2 thoughts on “Puppetbox: New CD

  1. I was surprized to hear the music of the Pappetbox.

    It is so different to the Japanese music.

    And I wonder who is she on the CD’s jacket. (^_^;;

  2. As far as this cd is concerned, I can assure you that I’m being completely honest when I say this:

    “This album is by far the best cd that I’ve ever produced in a basement apartment on the rocky shores of Redhook, Brooklyn in 2007”.

    And if that statement doesn’t sell this cd, I don’t know what will.


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