May Events

After a quiet April recovering from last month’s shows, I’d like to direct some attention to the events I have coming up in May.

I had a rather unusual weekend with a crew from the Japanese public broadcasting company, the NHK, following me to my shamisen lesson, my English lesson, and even filming me composing. I’ve never composed live before. The result will be a short segment on a TV show: “Hirukko Iwate” on May 15th [EDIT: program title and time changed!]. For those of you not in Japan, I hope to post a digital copy of that segment after the broadcast

On May 10th at “Onikembai,” I’ll join my teacher and his group for probably one of the last shamisen performances before I return to the US in the beginning of July.

And finally, on May 25th my piece “… of modesty and splendor” for clarinet, violoncello, Korean janggu (drum), gayageum (zither), and daegeum (transverse flute) will be performed by the Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea (CMEK) in Seoul. So I need to brush up on my Korean…

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