NHK Segment, Low Quality

One of my friends gave me this electronic copy of the brief NHK documentary segment about me that appeared last week.

NHK Video

So… this was ripped from a VHS using a G3 iMac [read: old computer]. The motion was already bad so I didn’t worry about encoding it at such a high quality. Supposedly they’re sending me a DVD of the show next week, and at that time I hope to encode it properly.

Warning: all Japanese!

5 thoughts on “NHK Segment, Low Quality

  1. HOLY CRAP!!!

    Totally awesome. I loved so many things about the video:
    1) the slow pan up from your crossed legs at your computer desk (very strange)
    2) about 3/4 of the way through when the BGM changed and it got all touchy-feely; classic NHK wrap-up
    3) the Jackie Chan bit at the beginning! (so many memories of “dirt bags”
    4) the miniature cars in the “Shamisen Kyoshitsu”
    5) your TRUE MASTERY of the nod-head-to-indicate-I’m-done-with-my-sentence behavior… not only have you totally pwn3d the language, but you’ve also trained your neck and eyelid muscles quite expertly

    Congratulations, Sym. This is totally awesome.

  2. Yeah Simon! That was great.

    I agree with Chris on #5- that was a lot of smiling and nodding! Of course, I don’t understand any of what was said. Is it possible to get subtitles on your next encoded video?

  3. Chris:
    1.) Yes! I thought that was really bizarre too. I wish I had been sitting with better posture too.
    2.) Yes! I knew that was coming too, since the director sent me one of his pieces on Japanese Noh, and the same music came up.
    3.) Yes! Can you believe I get paid for that?
    4.) Yes! I had a lesson tonight and told my teacher that, and he said “Yeah, they’re great, huh?”
    5.) Yes! I had no idea I did it so much until I saw this video. I was super nervous and a little sick too, which probably increased my blinking and nodding. “Ok. I’m done. Either ask another question or stop filming.”

    Subtitles are a good idea. I still don’t have the DVD, but let me think about how long it would take me to put them in. It’s only 5-min, but I’ve never done it before…

    Anyway, I’ve actually got the filming for the Kubota program tomorrow. So we’ll get another chance to see how much I blink!

  4. Yay – I finally got to see it – thanks for the video tip. I would love to know what those women were saying about you at the beginning!

  5. Just a quick update for those who might be waiting for a HQ version:

    I’ve got a DVD, but, unfortunately, the entire show is on it, so I’d have to rip it and do some editing. My computer just isn’t fast enough to do that efficiently, so I think for now my time is better spent elsewhere.


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