CMEK Young Composers Concert


I just got back from Seoul and the performance of my piece “…of modesty and splendor” by the Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea. They did a wonderful job, and were incredibly hospitable to me while I was there.

I felt like a real composer.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the hall, and I don’t have a recording of the performance yet. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to post an mp3 once I do, since the conditions of the competition were that the piece becomes property of CMEK for 3 years. I’ll ask them once they send it to me.

Anyway, for now this slightly blurry picture is the only document I have of the show!


  1. Fran says:

    yay – you’re back up!

  2. Yuko Eguchi says:

    Hi Simon! Are you OK? I just heard that there was a huge earthquake in Iwate, and the TV just siad there is another one coming!!!! I kept calling you couple times but it does not go through!!! My number is **-****-**** if you need anything, let me know!!! Yuko

  3. Simon says:


    I’m fine. There was a lot of shaking, and a few things were knocked off the shelves. But no injury or damage per se.

    Thanks for your concern!

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