TVI Clip (Kubota Min’yo Okunimeguri)

Here’s the clip of me from today’s broadcast of Kubota Min’yo Okunimeguri.

TVI Video

I can say now, since I’ve watched the video, that I was terrified that they were going to show the part of my English class where I misspelled “pomegranate” (as “pomegranite”). Luckily that was edited out though.

All in all, I think it’s a good segment (as I did with the NHK segment), but I do think that the editing they did for the song at the end is far from seamless… It’s pretty easy to spot where they have video of me doing one thing, and the audio is something else.

That’s TV for you, though.

Again, all Japanese, sorry.

High Quality (about 89Mb)

Low Quality (about 12Mb)

One thought on “TVI Clip (Kubota Min’yo Okunimeguri)

  1. cool – I liked this program better than the other one. Would be nice to know what they are saying about you though

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