Thank you to all who attended the Oregon Composers’ Forum concert on December 4th. My piece, Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, along with the whole concert was a great success thanks to the unprecedented number of people who came out to see the concert.

Check back here in the coming weeks for an mp3 of the performance.

I haven’t had any reports about the Chicago Miniaturist Ensemble concert yet, but I’m sure that went wonderfully too. Anyone who was there? Please leave a comment!

Also just a note that I’ve been updating and upgrading some of these pages in the hopes that I’ll have a whole lot of new mp3s coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Success

  1. Hey Sym. I couldn’t make it to the CME show ‘cuz I was on-call. Turns out it ended up becoming a 36-hour shift. Blargh. Congrats on the big turnout at your recent event. It sounds like the NW is being good to you. BTW, *epic* title for the piece. I’m sure it has more special meaning, but superficially it’s totally metal. !!

  2. Man. Well, it’s fine if you missed the concert just as long as you weren’t doing anything fun. Hopefully I’ll get some recordings sometime in the near future though.

    And the title is definitely metal. Perhaps I’ve been listening to too much “Rhapsody”.

    … or not enough.

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