FMO Concert, "hatsuyuki" preview

My piece “hatsuyuki” will be premiered at the Future Music Oregon Concert in a couple weeks alongside pieces by other members of Future Music Oregon and our special guest artist, Zhang Xiaofu.

“hatsuyuki” is an 8-channel piece that uses the text of one of Matsuo Basho’s Haiku, “hatsuyuki ya suisen no ha no tawamu made” “The first snow is just enough to bend the leaves of the daffodils.”


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

As a sneak preview here is the stereo reduction of the piece as an mp3.



3 thoughts on “FMO Concert, "hatsuyuki" preview

  1. Umm… you do know that the FIRST snow won’t fall on daffodils – maybe the last one – since daffs are spring flowers and spring comes after winter

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