Here’s a recording from the premiere of my short piece for chamber orchestra, “hayashi,”

The title of this piece, “hayashi,” refers to the must that fills the streets of local festivals, events that draw people together in joyful celebration of their community.


hayashi (right click to “download file as”)

The Triptych Ensemble is:
Tara Schwab, flute;
Kitty Steetle, oboe;
Nicoleen Willson, clarinet;
Joey Hartman, bassoon;
Jenifer Jaseau, alto sax;
John Dodge, horn;
Nathan Wilson, trumpet;
Ryan Chaney, trombone;
Ben Krause, piano;
Paul Owen, percussion;
Grayson Fiske, percussion;
Haley Engle, violin;
Sean O’Neal, violin;
Amanda German, viola;
Ralph Stricker-Chapman, cello;
Andrew Juul, bass.

One thought on “hayashi!

  1. Apologies. I was so obsessed with getting all of the instrumentalists names up there that I forgot our conductor, David Vickerman. Thanks again to you all!

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