“consonance” concerts coming up!


Just a reminder that I have an upcoming concert tour that is a collaboration composers and performers from the US and Korea with western and Korean tradition instruments. We’ve all been working extremely hard to subsidize our own costs of promotion and rental of space (not to mention composing and practicing), and we’re hoping to have some wonderful audiences to support our efforts.

If you are around, please check out our concerts:

in Kitakami, JAPAN,

Tokyo, JAPAN,

and Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

3 thoughts on ““consonance” concerts coming up!

  1. Awww.. I like the last bit…

    サイモンさん、今日はどうもありがとうございました\(^o^)/…とっても優しいサイモンさん♪ゆっくり花巻を堪能して下さいね(^ー^) Simon, Thank you very much \ (^ o ^) / … Simon’s very sweet Please enjoy Hanamaki ♪ I slowly (^ー^)

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