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Apologies again for the delay. As I was working on polishing the audio for these pieces, my friend and fellow composer/organizer for these concerts, Young-Shin Choi, sent me the versions that he made, and they sound great! Thanks Young-shin!

These concerts were a wonderful experience, and the hard work of all the participants (and many secret supporters on the sidelines) made them a great success. It’s truly a joy to be able to work together with performers and professionals of this caliber in producing our art. I look forward to doing it again soon!

Ewha, Nabi (2009)
Hye Jung Yoon, Soprano;
Yu-Sun Kim, gayageum.

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Gwangpunge deollin ewha omyeo gamyeo nali daga
Gajie motoreugo geomijule geolligeoda
Jeo geomi nakhwain jul moreugo nabi jabdeut hareonda.

Falling pear-blossoms whirl madly about in the wind,
Unable to return to the tree; they are caught in spiders webs
And those spiders pounce on them, thinking they are butterflies

-Yi Chongbo (1693-1766)

five (2009)
You-Jin Chung, piri;
Yu-Sun Kim, gayageum;
Noah Meites, flugelhorn;
Daniel Brown, cello;
Emma Heffernan, violin.

Things in sets of five:
flower petals,
diamond rings,

This piece was written for the 2009 concert series, “consonance,” with performances in Japan in Korea. For some time now I have been fascinated by the potential for international interchange through music, and, with the help of my wonderful friends and colleagues, I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities to try to enact this dialog.

And, finally, as a bonus, here’s the fixed-media version of “Ewha, Nabi.”

Ewha, Nabi (2009)

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  1. Simon says:

    I’ve added a link for the “Ewha, Nabi” video above.

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