Ewha, Nabi – Video by Chris Hoover

Here’s another video and another sneak peak of my concert at Bates College next week. Chris has created this video and the hatsuyuki video as a paired set, and the motivic similarities are immediately apparent (are the similarities in the musical content of the pieces!).

(This piece exists in a live version too)

Gwangpunge deollin ewha omyeo gamyeo nalidaga
Gajie motoreugo geomijule geolligeoda
Jeo geomi nakhwain jul moreugo nabi jabdeut hareonda.

Falling pear-blossoms whirl madly about in the wind,
Unable to return to the tree; they are caught in spiders’ webs
And those spiders pounce on them, thinking they are butterflies.

Yi Chongbo (1693-1766)

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