Umagata (2010)


I’ve just gotten a recording of the fantastic performance of my piece Umagata from earlier this month. Sarah Ogmundson (flute) and Seth Stewart (guitar), played this piece with spirit and verve, making the piece really come to life.

This piece also had a wonderful performance at its premiere at Bates College, March 25, by Nicole Rabata (flute) and Miles Isacke (guitar) who both helped me in making some edits to the piece. I haven’t, however, received a recording of that performance yet.

From the original program notes:

While thinking about a composition to complete the concert this evening, I originally planned to write a large piece, enlisting all of our instrumentalists. Recently, however, I have been particularly inspired by the melody of the Northern Japanese folk song, Nanbu Umagata Bushi, which depicts a leisurely ride on horseback, enjoying the natural scenery of Iwate Prefecture. I hope this last piece, a re-imagining of that song, will be a dulcet conclusion to this program.

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