Koryphaios (2010)


For Alto Flute and Kyma Sound Processing Environment

Tara Schwab, Alto Flute

Early on in composing this piece, when experimenting with various electronic effects, I stumbled on one that conjured up for me a Greek chorus performing in an outdoor amphitheater. Playing with this sound, I became more and more excited about the idea of enabling a soloist to control an ensemble through just the sound of his or her performance. The title of this piece, “koryphaios” is a reference to the leader of a Greek chorus, as Tara’s flute sound directs the electronic chorus.

This is a live recording of a performance May 2nd.

One thought on “Koryphaios

  1. Very cool Simon! Quite enjoyable to listen to, and I think the name of the piece and the imagery of the ancient Greek chorus really help make it more striking.

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