Summer Study

There are always more things to do than there is time during summer vacations.

I’m spending this summer, as I often do, doing intensive study of shamisen and shakuhachi in Japan. This is a rather relaxing change from university classes, and it’s fun to pretend to be a proper performer for a few months every year.

This year, I’m paying special attention to, for lack of better word, my “groove” on the shamisen. I have no concrete results/conclusions yet, but I believe I have to fundamentally change the way I’m processing rhythm while playing. An analog that comes to mind is the concept of “swing” in Jazz (beyond just two-eighths = triplet-quarter/triplet-eighth), or possibly “the pocket” in Funk.

Additionally, I’ve been taking some time to wrap up some unfinished compositions, start some new ones, and also getting out to make some field recordings (mostly of insects) for some projects when I get back into the studio.

There’s still plenty of time, and still plenty to do.

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