“Towa” revisited

Last month the updated, revised, remixed, remastered version of my 2004 piece, “Towa: June 1st, 2004” was featured at the Música Viva Festival 2010 – Sound Walk in Lisbon, Portugal.

Towa: June 1st, 2004 (revisited) (2010)


Their call for score was looking for short pieces, and all of the electronic fixed-media pieces that I’ve written recently have been seven minutes or more. I’ve always really liked this piece, but listening last June, I decided that, before sending it in, it was in need of an upgrade in both technology and technique. Since I’m fairly good at archiving all of my old compositions, it was easy to get back into the guts of the piece quickly, and I had a lot of fun making very simple changes that improved the overall quality of the sound greatly.

The sample is still all real frogs recorded outside my apartment in Japan.

For those interested, the original version, as well as it’s “part 2” and a number of my old electronic compositions appear on “den gen” available through iTunes and CD Baby.



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