Some Tracks from “Lawn in the Sky”


I’m just now getting back to updating my homepage after a busy few months editing, recording, and defending my dissertation. But, with that all successfully behind me, I’d like to share some of the recordings from our reading of Act I of “A Lawn in the Sky.”

I had a wonderful group of volunteer performers (listed below) for this reading project, all of whom put in several LONG days of rehearsals to get everything sounding as good as it does.

And, of course, many thanks again to Katherine Hollander for producing and “enviable” libretto.

Please enjoy some of the tracks on SoundCloud:

And, as a bonus, here’s my favorite moment in the electronics from Act II:

Performed by:

Bobby Chastain, conductor;

Rebecca Sacks, Kozuka/the Teacher;
Daniel Cruse, Onoda/Search Party 1;
Addison Wong, Toshio;
Alex Johnson, The Bookseller/Search Party 2;
Julianne Graper, Keiko;
Kate Kilops, Mayu;

Sarah Benton, Piccolo (Nohkan);
Rianna Cohen, Flute;
Yinchi Chang, Oboe;
Bradley Frizzell, Clarinet;
Aaron Shatzer, Bassoon;
Colin Hurowitz, Percussion;
Dustin Shilling, Percussion;
Marty Kovach, Taiko;
Simon Hutchinson, Shamisen;
Evan C. Paul, Piano;
Corey Adkins, Bass.

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