March Concerts

March is shaping up to be a busy month of concerts and premieres.

I’m thrilled, especially since this is the first time in a while this has happened, likely because much of my compositional efforts for the last few years have been focused on a particularly big project, followed by a move to a new job, both of which were very positive life events, of course, but it’s satisfying to be a feet-on-the-ground composer again.

First, the Post-Haste Duo is back on the road again, and will be performing my piece bioMechanics in Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Iowa, and Oklahoma.


Second, my surrealist piece, inspired by the art of Rene Magritte, Sixteen September, for alto saxophone, clarinet and electronics, will be premiered by next week before they take the piece to the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference in Illinois later on in the month.


Finally, Second Cycle, a new, new music group out of Chicago, will include my urban-legend-inspired piece, Polybius in their Free Play Concert, including works inspired by “8-bit music.” This show promises to be an exciting evening of music and nostalgia, not to be missed by any child of the 80s (or early 90s).


It’s exciting to have all of these performances by wonderfully skilled musicians, and I’m sure the concerts will not disappoint.