“Boldly propulsive, intensely lyrical” — I Care If You Listen

“wonderfully provocative” — Fanfare Magazine

Simon Hutchinson is a composer, new-media artist, and mad scientist who combines traditional music with digital technology and creative electronics, composing new music that engages with the relationships between art, technology, and society.

Hutchinson’s works have been performed across North America, Europe, and Asia, including at music festivals and conferences such as the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) Conference, the International Clarinet Association’s (ICA) ClarinetFest, and the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) Conference; as well as new media conferences such as the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference, the Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS), the Society of Electro-Acoustic Music US (SEAMUS) Conference, and Miso Music Portugal.

In 2008, Hutchinson received the “1st Young Composers’ Competition of CMEK” (Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea) award, and, since then, his work in cross-cultural composition has also been recognized by the Yamaguchi Opportunity Fund, the Sasakawa Young Leader’s Fellowship Fund (SYLFF), the Ruth Close Musical Fellowship, and a Porter Associate Fellows Arts Research Grant.

Hutchinson holds a PhD in Composition with supporting coursework in Intermedia Music Technology from the University of Oregon, where he was named the Outstanding Graduate Scholar in Music. Notable composition teachers include Jeffrey Stolet, Robert Kyr, David Crumb, Hi Kyung Kim, David Cope, and Peter Elsea. Additionally, Hutchinson spent several years in Japan studying shamisen (three-stringed lute) and Japanese Folk Music with virtuoso Sato Chouei and shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute) with Master Sato Chikuen.

As an educator, Hutchinson teaches classes on a broad range of musical topics, including interactive media, composition, music technology, world music, and music theory. He has taught at the University of Oregon, University of Montana, Gordon College, and he is currently Assistant Professor of Music Technology at the University of New Haven.


As a shamisen player, Hutchinson regularly performs public concerts with Japanese, American, and other international performers. He has appeared on the Japanese national public broadcasting station NHK and the program “Kubota Min’yô Okunimeguri” (“Folk Music Around the Country”), as well as on the 2006 folk-music album “Tamashi no Hibiki” (“Sounds of the Soul”).

You can eMail him at simon [ at-sign ] simonhutchinson [ period ] com.

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Art, to be fully appreciated, must be true to contemporaneous life. It is not that we should ignore the claims of posterity, but that we should seek to enjoy the present more. It is not that we should disregard the creations of the past, but that we should try to assimilate them into our consciousness.

-Okakura Kakuzo