bioMechanics (2011)

Post-Haste Reed Duo:
Sean Fredenburg, Saxophones; Javier Rodriguez, Bassoon

“Walls of mechanical electronic sound contrast, fuse, and clash with the earthly, organic reeds. Boldly propulsive, intensely lyrical, and juxtaposing controlled episodes with freely improvised passages, bioMechanics makes a bold and convincing opening statement packed into an exciting seven minutes.” — I Care If You Listen

“…a dramatic, nearly symphonic modernist aural essay with electronics filling out the reed parts for a grand gesture of episodic sound that pulsates at times in a very contemporary way.” — Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

“…sheets of metallic noise as well as beat patterns interact with the duo’s acoustic sonorities, making for something of a showstopper, even if it’s just seven minutes long.” — textura

biomechanics, commissioned by the Post-Haste Reed Duo, explores interaction between elements of musical control and freedom, rigidity, and improvisation, and the many different forms of musical virtuosity.

Available on Post-Haste’s 2016 debut album “Beneath a Canopy of Angels… a River of Stars” released by Aerocade Music