Synth Tip: Don’t Filter Sine Waves

Since sine waves are made up of only a single frequency, it’s not usually particularly effective to filter them.

Several of my students sent me Reaktor ensembles with filtered sine waves, so I wanted to quickly talk through why they’re not really the most effective thing to filter. I go through things in Native Instruments Reaktor, but the concept is applicable in whatever synthesis environment you’re working in–Pd, Max/MSP, Kyma, etc.

Bluetooth Audio Transmission

A quick overview of the transmission of digital audio over Bluetooth for wireless headphones and smart speakers.

Since sending audio over Bluetooth is a digital transmission of audio, it’s good for us to understand what conversions are taking place in the journey from our devices to our ears. Thinking about the sample rate, bit depth, and different aspects of compression can help us make good choices about to support the fidelity of our audio chain.

Databending a 360 Video with a Hex Editor

Tutorial on using a hex editor (Hex Fiend) to mess up a 360 video in one easy step.

Spectral EvolverĀ  and I are starting the initial work to put together another series of databent videos, this time working with 360 videos and ambisonic audio. These files are BIG, so some of this experimentation might take a little while, but, in the short term, a super-easy way to get some glitches fast is to just find-and-replace some numbers in a hex editor.