Accelerometer-Controlled Analog Feedback (iPad, Max/MSP, and Eurorack)

Using the tilt of an iPad to control an analog feedback-based patch.

In this patch, I send OSC (Open Sound Control) data about the tilt of my iPad to Max/MSP on my computer, which converts this data into MIDI, and subsequently, on my synth, voltage. That voltage (changing based on the iPad’s tilt) opens up a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) which controls the level of the feedback.

The analog feedback loop here goes: ring-modulator to saturator to reverb to delay to low-pass filter to the VCA (which runs back into the ring-modulator).

More digital control of analog Eurorack here:

Patch from Scratch: Reaktor Feedback Loop

Building a dynamic feedback loop in Reaktor 6 Primary.

Here’s a simple patch based off the work of composer/engineer Jaap Vink from the Institute For Sonology, Utrecht. This ensemble is a feedback loop with a delay, a ring modulator, and a saturator (with a simple sine as a “trigger” to get things started).

Each pass through the loop, the signal is delayed, then ring-modulated, significantly changing the spectrum. This can devolve into noise rather quickly, but a soft touch can lead to some interesting evolving soundscapes.

There’s no talking on this one, just building the patch, and listening to it go.

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