Reaktor 6 Envelope Follower

How to create an envelope follower in Reaktor 6 Primary and set your synth to automatically follow the amplitude of drums.

An envelope follower is a device that converts the amplitude envelope of an audio input into a control signal. Once we have that control signal, we can use it to control whatever we want. We can make the amplitude of an oscillator follow the amplitude of the input, or we could move the cutoff frequency of a filter, panning, etc.

Building the envelope follower is rather straightforward, just two steps: of rectifying and then low-pass filtering. In this video I walk through the process, and then show a few different applications.

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Bidirectional OSC in “Baion 倍音” with Kyma & Unity3D

Talking through bidirectional OSC (Open Sound Control) in my 2018 piece Baion (倍音), that I perform on a custom-built interface, “the catalyst”.

I’m performing my 2017 piece “Baion” this week, and I thought it was a good chance to revisit some of the mechanics of the piece, specifically the communication between the different elements–the custom interface, the Kyma timeline, and the game built in Unity3D. In this video, I go through how the musical work emerges from the bidirectional OSC communication between software.

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