Vocal Sample to Oscillator in Symbolic Sound Kyma

Turning a single cycle of a recorded sample into a wavetable for Kyma oscillators.

When composing music with samples, it’s worthwhile to explore all of the musical opportunities in that sample–reversing it, timestretching it, granulating it, etc. Along those same lines, you can take a wavetable fro a sample and use it in your oscillators, so, instead of using the usual sawtooth, square, or sine waves, you create an oscillator that has a timbral connection to the sampled material.

Here, I show how to take take two vowel sounds from a vocal sample–an “ah” and an “oh”–and cycle them in a Kyma oscillator, creating unique timbres that blend with the original sample and its processing.

0:00 Intro / Why?
0:41 Finding a Single Cycle
3:14 Changing Duration to 4096 Samples
4:16 Cycling the Wavetable in an Oscillator
6:33 Making a Different Oscillator Wavetable
9:21 Implementation Example: Chords
11:49 Adding Vibrato
14:08 SampleCloud Plus Chords

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