Spotting Subaudio

Finding and removing subaudio from sample files with a waveform editor.

Subaudio are frequencies below the range of human hearing (below 20Hz). These frequencies can sneak into our recordings, and work against us in a number of ways. If we can address subaudio in our samples, we can do ourselves a favor in the later stages of our mixing process.

0:00 Defining Subaudio
0:59 Example 1: Spotting Subaudio
2:04 Example 1: Doing the Math
2:50 Why Did This Happen?
3:11 Removing Subaudio with Parametric EQ
5:53 Example 2: Not Really Subaudio
7:27 Harmonics of Subaudio
8:31 Example 3: Trimming
9:15 Example 4: Bringing It All Together
10:16 Closing. Next Steps

“Clean” Sample Editing (Again)

I made a follow up/update to my video a couple years back about “clean” sample editing.

Taking the time to refine and polish the ingredients for our sampler instruments (or other sample-based synthesis) can lead to huge improvements in the final piece or project. I once again go through my framework for evaluating samples, and check out a bunch of examples and how they can be improved.