Vector Synthesis in Reaktor 6 Primary (Make your own Prophet VS?)

Using Reaktor 6 to build a synth with XY timbre controls.

The term “Vector Synthesis” was coined to describe Sequential Circuits’ 1986 Prophet VS synthesizer. This synth included a joystick with two dimensions of control that allowed for dynamic, real-time control of the timbre of the instrument by cross-fading between its wavetables.

Here, let’s steal that idea of X/Y control over timbre, and see if we can make a quick Reaktor synthesizer with the same real-time interactivity.

0:00 What is Vector Synthesis?
1:28 XY Plane
2:30 XY Controlling One Oscillator
3:59 Crossfading Oscillators
6:12 2D Crossfading
9:34 Different Waveform in Each Corner
13:50 Adding a Filter
14:37 More Sophisticated Oscillators
16:00 Polyphony
16:49 Next Steps

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