Sample-Based Generative Melody in Kyma 7

Creating a 15-channel generative melody in Symbolic Sound’s Kyma 7.

I edited some pitches from the Schlappi Engineering Interstellar Radio into loops, and mushed some nature sounds together using Kyma’s SampleClouds. Now, by putting an amplitude generator on these two loops I can create a hybrid musical instrument of these two sounds. Take 15 pitches, 15 patterns of envelope, and send it to 15 speakers and we’ve got some Brian-Eno-style generative music with a constantly changing timbre.

This work was for my piece Perspectives of Place for Rolling Ryot’s “Ghost Line X Project”.

  • 0:00 What are we doing?
  • 0:37 Our looping samples
  • 2:32 Staring the Kyma Sound: Sample
  • 3:07 Adding an Envelope
  • 5:04 The Second Sample and Envelope
  • 5:54 Changing the Envelope
  • 6:48 Repeating Triggers with SoundToGlobalController
  • 8:12 Now do it 15 times (abridged)
  • 8:48 Listening to all 15
  • 10:36 Reducing the Density
  • 12:48 Checking the new version
  • 14:38 Closing, Next Steps.

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