Control, Communication, and Performance in Electronic Music (MaxMSP & Eurorack)

Talking about ideas of live electronic performance of electronic music using USB Controllers, Max/MSP, and Eurorack.

Here, I walk through how you can use a USB joystick to MIDI synthesizers (like my Eurorack modular) using Max/MSP as a “translator.” Information from the joystick and its buttons comes in on the [hi] (“human interface”) object, and we can shape that data and pass it out a MIDI data to whatever we want.

In this way, we can give ourselves nuanced control of our musical performance, enhancing our electronic music instruments.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Generative Music and Feedback
1:31 Human Agency in Musical Systems
2:18 Devices for Human Interface
3:05 Today’s Goals
3:36 The [hi] Object
5:36 Looking at the Data
6:25 Isolating the Data with [route]
7:34 Converting the Numbers to MIDI
10:10 2D Piano
11:18 Sending MIDI to the NiftyCase
15:45 Controlling Effects (Wavefolder and Filter)
17:54 A Note about Resolution
18:49 Adding an Amplitude Envelope
19:58 Quick Recap
20:46 More Sophisticated Interactions of Data
23:04 Conclusion, Next Steps

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